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Today: Jan 17, 2021


2004 Jun – The Establishment of Sato Vietnam Co., Ltd

After enormous effort and determination, Vietnam was chosen as the next location for SATO GMC. Sato Vietnam Co., Ltd was established as investment from Sato Japan, which made the first step of SVC.


2004 Sep - The Ground-breaking ceremony

On 10th Sep 2004, the Ground-Breaking ceremony was held under the witness of members of SVC BOM, leaders Hanoi People Committee and SVC employees. The event marked the starting for the construction of SVC factory.

2005 Jun – Beginning assembly Hand Labeler products

Hand labelers are the historic product of Sato. SVC proudly started assembly hand labeler products since 2005.

2005 Jul – The Grand Opening ceremony

With the excitement and happiness spirit, Grand opening ceremony SVC factory was taken place in the presence of Board of Management and SVC staffs.

2006 Jul – Beginning assembly Printer products

Printer is developed later by SATO Corporation's engineerings, but it soon became Sato main product. From 2006 Jul, SVC proudly started assembly Printer products.

2008 Oct – The Completion of SAP Roll-out Project

The successful implementation of SAP roll-out project in SVC is a breakthrough in operation of the factory. This ERP solution plays an important role in SVC business management.


2009 Nov – Mass production of Hand Labeler model Air Light

With the support from Sato Japan, SVC developed a new Handlabeller model named Air Light. This is the first handlabeller developed and successfully manufactured in Vietnam.

2012 Feb – Mass production of Printer model CF4

With the considerable support from Janpan side’s experts, SVC finally sucessfully manufactured Printer model CF4

2013 Apr – Mass production of Printer model JP208

Printer model JP 208 was successfully developed and started assembly in SVC.


2014 Dec – 10-Year anniversary Ceremony

The 10-year anniversary ceremony was an opportunity for the whole factory to take an overview on the operation of the factory during the decade. It was a chance for factory to express gratitude to all employees and managers for the history of development of SVC. The attendance of Sato CEO, Mr. Kaz Matsuyama,   boosted the excitement for all SVC employees.

2015 Feb – Mass production of Printer model VP408

With endless attempt of Sato Japan and SVC engineers, Printer model VP408 finally successfully went into mass production in Sato Vietnam Co., Ltd.

2015 Feb – Mass production of Printer model PW208

Following the successful of Printer model VP408, Printer model PW208 was in mass production since 2015 Feb.

2017 Oct – Mass production of Printer model FX3

Printer Model FX3 was considered as a hopeful and future printer with superior features of a new generation of Printers. The mass production of Printer FX3 was such a great pride for SVC.


2019 Aug – Mass production of Printer CT4-LX / HC4-LX

Equipped with a color touch panel LCD which is easy to use in a wide range of sectors, Smart Mini CT4-LX is both an outstanding and intuitive Printer. It was such a great pleasure for SVC to take CT4-LX into mass production.

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