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Saturday, 06 June 2020 09:39



Residents in the 4 commnunes surrounding TLIP always receive special care and treatment from companies in Thang Long Industrial Park. All tenants and TLIP share the same plan to contribute to the community around TLIP.

As a member in TLIP, annually accompany with TLIP, we carry out a survey the actual needs and expectation from the citizens in the 4 communes: Hai Boi, Vong La, Dai Mach, and Kim Chung. Together we create an action plan and put priority to the issues related to education, safety and environment.

As a general rule, we set proportion for scholarship to smart children from poor families. The rest of the budget, we set for construction works for the community such as dome for the kids in kindergarten, roads leading to Hai Boi primary schools, surrounding walls of Kim Chung secondary school, paving the playground for the kids, extending classroom for the children in Dai Mach village kindergarten. Especially, in FY2019, we built an outdoor fitness ground for the residents in Bau and Hau Duong villages. On the grand opening day, elderly and the small kids expressed their happiness when doing excercises in such a nice place.

Besides, we also support cleaning items for the community such as 10 lockers cabinets for the pupils in Kim Chung primary school, 20 waste trolleys and 20 rubbish bins for Hai Boi communes and gabage dump for the residents in Vong La.



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