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Establish the Labour Union in SVC
Wednesday, 12 May 2010 10:15

12-May-2010 is a significant day of all SVC employees which marks the date of SATO VIETNAM LABOUR UNION was established.

The SVC Labor Union Committee (SLUC) will coordinate closely with SVC’s board of management to take care of working conditions of employees and protect the legitimate rights of union members.
SLUC will also work closely with the board of directors to organize the best, initiative, creativity labour with the aim of improving productivity, quality and proposing to the board of directors for praising and awarding groups or individuals achieved excellent performance. SVC labor union is also responsible for propagandizing and training employees to strictly comply with the labor regulations, not arising from violations of discipline in their performance. At the same time, we along with the company organize activities in order to enhance spirit life such as cultural activities, arts, sports at the company aiming to create a joyful, strong, united atmosphere in the company.

The labor union committee has 4 sub-committees specialized in each field:
- One motivate the spirit and life for employee
- One motivate The cultural and sporting activities
- The other motivate activities of emulation and commendation
- The last is Mediational Committee

The formation of SVC labor union has marked a new stage of development and strengthened on the relationship between the board of management and all members at SVC. It is the basis for making a healthy relationship, and protect employees as well as company from unfair things, indirectly help to keep employees working for SVC long time.

Photo 1: 9 members of SVC Labor Union Committee with highest vote, on opening ceremony 12th May 2010, will implement all LU activities in period May 2010 to May 2011, on behalf of 260 SVC employees.

2 other VIPs in the photo: Mr.Sakurada Satoshi - SVC General Director and Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa – Chairman of Hanoi Industrial Zones Labor Union

Photo 2: The SVC board of management and all employees who volunteer to join SVC Labor Union in ceremony on 12th May 2010.

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