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Single Line HL



Single Line Hand Labellers


Models: Samark, Samark 26, PB 1, DUO XL

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy loading
  • Clear Images
  • Compact label sizes - ideal for small items
  • Up to 8 characters per line
  • Robust casing
  • Small and lightweight


Already bestsellers in the "price marking" retail sector, SATO's single line hand labellers offer performance at an economic price. The dial set features allow you to select variable information instead of preprinting the label, saving both time and costs incurred. With up to 8 characters per line, variable data such as the date, item number, size and colour can all be printed. The easy operation also allows large stocks to be marked in a very short period. SATO's single line hand labellers are the ideal solution for clear, compact labels.


General Specification (Download the Hand Labellers datasheet)
5, 6 & 8 alphanumeric characters
Label sizes: 21.6 mm x 12 mm

European standard labels

Variable data print

One-line pre-print at top of the label

Model: SAMARK 26
5, 6 & 8 alphanumeric characters
Label sizes: 26 mm x 16 mm

Costs saving label size

Uses the popular "wavy" label

Up to 2 lines of pre-print at top of label

Model: PB1
5, 6 & 7 alphanumeric characters
Label sizes: 18 mm x 10.4 mm

Unique label size for small items

Small label size

A "stopper" keeps characters in place, so there is no "over-turning" or dirtying of the read-out bands

Model: DUO XL
3, 5 & 6 bold characters
Label sizes: 16.2 mm x 23.1 mm

Promotional labelling

Machine prints bold alphanumeric characters

Bold characters:
- 3 char.: 7.6 mm (H) x 6.1 mm (W)
- 5 char.: 7.6 mm (H) x 3.6 mm (W)
- 7 char.: 7.6 mm (H) x 2.8 mm (W)


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