Barlabe Ki Printer

The outstanding mobile label printer with large display, 25 preformatted templates, calendar function support.


Size 132 × D230 × H151
Weight / 2.1kg 
Power AC100V 
Print speed / 180 sheets / min type print / Call alphanumeric Katakana Kanji  

■ Easy-to-read large display with backlight. 
■ 25 fixed label format is a standard feature. (Size, type 5) 
■ Part of the printed characters. 
■ Calendar function in the body. 
■ Body up to 2500 can be registered in PURISETTODETA. 
■ P35mm × W32mm label size can be displayed only when using labels of origin and recycling. 
■ The name of PURAMAKU Origin 103, the mark of the paper, recycled content, with 14. 
■ You can easily register the name button, you can register up to 2,500 standard items. 
■ Product is superior to the printing of Chinese characters. 
■ Increasing the front cover open for easy cleaning and replacement of the thermal head label. 
■ Exchange is the only label on a label set in the holder. 
■ Approximately 2kg-intensive high-performance bar code printers. 
■ The type of light weight with easy carry handle. 


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