2004 Jun

SATO VIETNAM CO.,LTD established invested by SATO JAPAN.

2004 Sep

Started factory construction (10th Sep - Ground-Breaking ceremony)

2005 Jun

Started production of Hand labelers lines

2005 Jul

First shipment of Hand Labelers products

2006 Jul

Started production Bar Code printer products

2007 Nov

Received ISO9000 license

2008 Nov

Transfer and setup SMT production line from Sato Malaysia

2008 Oct

Introduced SAP for as total factory operation

2008 Nov

Received ISO14000 license

2009 Nov

Developed new Hand labeler model called Air light

2010 Apr

Establishment of the Labor Union Committee

2010 Jun

New Hand labeler production process, changing from Long-Line to Cell-Line

2011 Jul

New Printer production process, changing from Long-Line to Flexible Line (F-Line)

2011 Nov

1st time apply QCC activity

2012 Nov

2nd time apply QCC activity

2012 Nov

Sales recorded at 1,7 million USD

2013 Mar

Installed 2nd SMT Line

2013 Aug

Achieved accumulated shipped q’ty : HL=2,000,000units, Pr=200,000units

2013 Sept

Acquisition of the BIS Certificate (meet the standard for export in India)

2014 Oct

Self developed PW208 Printer product

2014 Dec

Self developed VP408 Printer product

2014 Dec

SVC’s 10 - Year Anniversary Celebration

2016 Jul

SATO Group Summit 2016 in Hanoi

2016 Aug

Installed new Stream Line (S-Line)

2016 Oct

Update ISO 9001: 2015 & 14001: 2015 version

2017 Jul

Self developed FX3

2018 Mar

Installed 3rd SMT Line

2018 Oct

Installed M3 Line

2018 Dec

Organize 1st Family Festival for all employees



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